Friday, December 14, 2012

Year 8 Camp!

How many countless hours it took us to reach our destination. We have recently just finish our year 8 camp at Ngaruawahia Christian Youth Camp. This was for 4 days and three nights, it was our last camp before we went to college so I made the most of it.

Slippery slimy sticky mud was stuck at the bottom of my shoe, which made me slip alot. This all happened on our first activity, we walk as long as 2-3 hour.sweaty like a roasted pig, I was happy to hear that after our hike we were going for a swim, I was hot at the time but as soon as we jumped in we were as frozen at the north pole.

This story is still to be finished to keep in touch and listen for more of our year 8 camp.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Purea nei maori song!

I have chosen to write about a maori song because im maori
It goes a little like this,

Purea nei e te hau
Horoia e te ua
Whitiwhitia e te ra
Mahea ake nga poraruraru
Makere ana nga here.         

E rere wairua, e rere
Ki nga ao o te rangi
Whitiwhitia e te ra
Mahea ake nga poraruraru
Makere ana nga here,
Makere ana nga here.
comment if you liked it :)

here is the english version, of what the maori words mean

Scattered by the wind
washed by the rain
and transformed by the sun,
all doubts are swept away
and all restrains are cast down.

Fly O free spirit, fly
to the clouds in the heavens,
transformed by the sun,
with all doubts swept away
and all restrains cast down.
Yes, all restrains are cast down.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blessed land!

All I am going to do, is going to tell you a short short story about the land getting blessed by a maori man called hemi . 
Not so long ago, I left with a couple of other students from Pt England to go to the paddock outside of the school. 
We watched a very special man bless the land. It was because of the incident that had happen about the man that had a crises and passed away they are not to sure what happen but they are still trying to figure it out, we went to the paddock went through the paddock walked around the droppings (feces) and to the wall and  listen in a respectful way, straight away I knew it would now be comfortable as it was before it had happened. 
So all the raruraru (gossip) that might go around the school can now be told it is not true, because! to prove its not true I was right there when the land was blessed and I heard everything that was said so I think I should know. LOLS :).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tags Out!

As the bus got to our location, Jumped off and left to the fields we were off the first round. All rounds were 10 minutes long. Pt england had three teams there. The hooter went our field number 5 Pt England vs Mansell 4 the hooter went again I stepped up to the halfway line shaking like an earthquake you got it I was as nervous as can be.
The whistle blew it was our ball to start with our captain tapped the ball and ran. Wack Wack two people was stepped passed it to the winger and the whistle blew again “TRY”
“First seconds into the game and we already scored”
“Run it back Pt England” said the ref
Touch was called, we had 30 seconds left into the game c’mon Pt England said our captain. Suddenly one of the boy from the team off loaded and again the whistle blew “TRY” The whistle blew over and over to tell us the game was over. 8-0 to Pt England they ran off and under the gazebo MUNCH MUNCH all starving like a bear almost like it hadn’t eaten since I don’t know forever.

Playing the second game winning 3-2, third game was up after 10 minutes. Pt England played a green team It was a tough game and in the end they had beaten them by 1 try. The overall score was 2-1 to them.

The host of tags out said Pt England team 1 had made it into the finals, playing a even better team, Pt England ended up losing in the final. The team captain scored in the last 10 second the score was 3-1.

In the Pt England was proud at least they placed 2nd Prizes were given. Overall Pt England thought the day was AWESOME.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Narrative!!

It all started with a family of three, Jake, Amelia, and Lauren off on a stroll down the street on christmas eve, “aaaaahhhh” said Jake” doesn’t this feel good”
“yeah, yeah It actually does” replied Lauren
“Amelia, Amelia, Amelia” shouted Jake
It was back in 1857 when it all happened.....!
They produced the song Jingle Bell Jingle Bell, It goes a little like this.

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh hey!      
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh.

The whole family was sitting around the fire singing christmas carols, then knock,knock they heard  at the door.
“Who is it” said Lauren
“Open up the door or I’ll shoot it down”
so she opened it
“please don’t hurt us please”
“I’m only here for your money”

Jake ran upstairs not knowing what was happening, looked down the stairs and saw everything was gone the christmas presents and even the tree and he said to himself this is the worst christmas ever.
“MUM” “AMELIA” “where are you” he thought they were play a joke on him.
“It’s not funny, c’mon” “hello” he finally released this was no longer a joke It was SERIOUS.......!
he ran to the phone “HELLO, HELLO, who’s there HELLO”
“DODODO” is what the phone sounded like
“OH dang it they hung up”
“sleeping home alone”
“ahhh”he sighed Knock Knock Knock
he walked to the door silently
“Amelia” “Mum”
how did you get here
“C’mon we gotta get out of here before it’s too late, pack your bags and let go”
“me too”

“Let’s go hurry, hurry”
so they went off and was never seen again.

(shake shake)
“what happen” said Jake
“I just had the weirdest feeling that”
and that was the end of her flashback.

Monday, November 5, 2012


It all began on the 31st of October this day had always been a dark cold and cloudy, why you might ask? because it was HALLOWEEN.... On this day two friends named Lily-Anna and Lily had decided to go trick or treating, they both dressed up as witches and were ready to go. The first place they went was SPOOKERS. Of course It was only to get them freaked out. The first street they went down was called Redwood Terrace. Nobody ever went down there unless they were fearless and have courage and determination.

They went up this one drive, out of nowhere men came from behind a place you could never imagine...
Screaming at the top of their lung, no one was heard they thought to themselves “could this be the end”! They put up a fight, Lily-anna and Lily both commanded “If we’re going down you're coming with us”.

The men chuckled and set them free, the girls thought they were serious. These men all said “It was just a serious prank, we were never really gonna hurt you". You girls were brave to stand up for each other, and for that here’s a bag of lollies each
the girls said “WOW thanks”
“Enjoy” they replied
“Bye girls”

And that was the end of our story said Lily to her mum.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thoughts about this term!

To start of term 4, I am going to write about our term topic. I actually have the opportunity to learn about other people and their life back when they were young, and how they may have had  a favourite toy or something they enjoyed playing with.

Sadly I don’t remember having a toy when I was young, which has left me with nothing to remember my young ages only of course pictures not much but still something. I have never had a favourite toy, all toys are my favourite I have only ever had this one toy I’ll never forget and that was my only singing doll. when I was young I got this doll for my 3rd birthday, that is all I remember. I’m not a child anymore but I do still play with toys. :)

To close of my post I will try show you a similar picture to my singing doll. I got this picture from
a singing barbie doll

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The social all lit up!

As of Thursday the 13th there was a school social. At first I was like yaaaaay! but then when I got there I was like “hmmm” this wasn’t what I had planned it to be like. There wasn’t much people there only about 50-80 children there Including the teachers, other than that I was fun and boring at the same time.
I was stressing over what to wear, then I realized it’s just a social why am I stressing I’ll just wear casual clothes. LET’S GO!!

I was having a blast with the music and all the food and all the people dancing. It was a fun time UNTIL......... It felt like I had split my jeans, how disappointing  is that. I got up to dance but then suddenly I never felt in the need to dance so I sat on the stage and watched everyone have fun for a bit then I got back down and ran around.

I’m having fun running around but I want to have more fun. I jump into everyones photos and run. Posing and running then posing then running, don’t you think that is alot of running. Its really not cause the hall was really small. LOL :) :)

The most exciting at the social was the dougie battle It was funny. I was too afraid to jump in the middle unfortunately a boy won instead of a girl. I hope we do get to do this again before the end of the year. This would have probably been the next best social I’ve been to maybe not but still was very cool.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Favorite sport!!

This week I have recently just chosen to write about sports. These 7 teams listed are the in NRL:

Melbourne STORM
Brisbane BRONCOS
Gold Coast TITANS
Parramatta EELS

These are the team that have Inspired me to LOVE.. league.

I have 4 most favourite teams ever..... Which are Melbourne STORM Brisbane BRONCOS Vodafone WARRIORS and West TIGERS. I have admired these teams for a very long time I have seen most of them in real life Just not Melbourne STORM, and the West TIGERS, but I really hope I get to see them.

I also have 2 least favourite teams. I have nothing against them It is just that I don’t know much about them. Which are Canberra RAIDERS and the South Sydney RABBITOHS. I am going to try learn  alot about these 2 In Particular teams, and by the end of this year I would like to know alot of facts about them.

What Sports do you play? I’ve play alot of sports, like Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Tag, Touch and Rippa rugby as well. I would like the experience to learn about other sports.
It feels great to be a sporty person and not a person who just sits down and reads ( even though I do love to read). I hope I do remember to write about this again, thats if I remember.

Edited By Cael

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Cousins Celebration Party!!!

As I walk inside with my little cousin Jeremiah, I saw people in the backyard and children on the trampoline.
I asked “ what’s happening here”
In a shocking reply by them all “Its Jeremiah's and Josiah’s Birthday party”
Mele said “did you forget already”
I replied “NO.... ok maybe I did, but thats not so bad is it”
Mele said “ no, come on before they start without us”
I shouted “ Coming”.

As I start by eating then playing then eating again woah it was like the food was calling me wherever I went. I was so glad I got there on time, especially before they started eating. I would have been the unluckiest girl there, if I hadn’t made it there on time. Well anyway the theme for this party was to come dressed as your favourite team or team colours. I went dressed as a broncos supporter wearing the jersey and all.

I saw these amazing NRL balloons floating upwards I wondered....... don’t normal balloons hang down and float on the ground.
My aunty said “NO those are helium balloons, it's the ones that you breath in and they make your voice go all funny”. You probably shouldn’t have told me that because now I’m going to do it. I tried it by saying “hello”. It sounded a little high pitched and didn’t sound like me at all.

To close off the party we went to Waiwera the next day, the wind was chilly but the water was warm. I hope we get to do something fun like this for my cousin Mele’s birthday in a few weeks time.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Maori Manaia!!

Who knows what a manaia is?
A manaia is a white necklace made out of dolphin bone it is the style of a birds head and a humans form.
From what I heard the name Manaia mean guardian, provider, bird, beautiful and kind.

These previous pictures is from google, I searched them up and found that they looked Interesting so I made it into a collage called “My Manaia masterpiece”

Before you wear a Manaia you must get it blessed, for you or the person you might be getting it for. It is a good present for christmas or a birthday party, It is good either way.

Having a manaia to you might be nothing, but to other people it is a privilege. Because to me a manaia represents yourself and your family especially to other important people. You might think a manaia is a stupid old necklace but really it has all sorts of awesome carving on it looks really cool..

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Concluding Goal Counts!!

It all started with loud mouths and enthusiastic people. Monday the 20th was the day that the year 7&8 girls, (including me) went to compete in a tournament hosted in the ASB indoor basketball courts, at Selwyn College.

The listed teams are the schools we nearly dominated, but sadly Churchill took it out with a close ending game, the final Score was 13 - 11.

Churchill park
Tamaki Intermediate
Ellerslie and that’s about it

Our first game was to Baradene. I play a bit aggressive but they did too. There is good news and bad news. The good new is I never hurt anyone by playing aggressive. The bad news is......... I was getting really impatient and angry at one individual from Churchill park, she would hit my face as if I was like a little doll. BUT it was also hilarious at the same time.

When we played Ellerslie, we won. It was a tough game but we won by a shoot off. Oshania was the person to shoot, she made an outstanding 3 pointer. Really good if you ask me. The girl from Ellerslie, shot an swish (falls in without hitting the ring) in the hoop. It was up to Oshania! The ball went up into the air and back down into the hoop, just like a toilet flush. Man it was FUN.

We won all of our games, BUT lost twice to churchill. Almost winning, we actually lost by 1 goal “we could've had that”  said my mum. As long as you all tried your best that’s ok you still came 2nd anyway. PARTY time I was thinking in my head ! JOKES. :)

I would like to give a big ups to for checking my writing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Xtra Maths!!

To me Xtra maths is very, very helpful, because I get the chance to get to a higher standard in my maths. I prefer multiplication than the rest I like multiplication  because, it was very challenging to remember it all, but I eventually got there and now I know what 9x8= 72 that took me quite a long time to remember but hey, I got there.

I think this helps you and me, because when you start in Xtramath it gives you 100 questions to answer, starting off at addition to complete your three seconds you must answer before it has been three seconds. As you get better you move on to subtraction same goes for that. Then multiplication, then division. I’ve made it to 1.5 seconds addition soonly gonna start subtraction, I got to this by remembering them and have done a good job of it.

I feel like I need a bit more practise on my maths, it seems like I’m not getting the hang of  1.5 seconds addition.  As you are reading, I am going to need a lot more practice on getting my addition done. In order to do that I want to get my memory working hard and memorize them. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympics sport

Well to start of this week, I am going to do a piece of writing about one Olympic sport event, known as Trampolining these competitors all jump, handspring, spin and bounce on the trampoline. I am not familiar with this sport but, I know it is significant, which is why I have chosen to write about it.

I think Trampolining first became an Olympic sport in the 2000 summer olympic games in Sydney Australia.
All I known about this is a total of 36 athletes will be competing in North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Trampolining event. From what I've heard and seen both female and male are able to participate in this event.

I’ve learnt that when you practice and practice, in the future you will go on and be able to do things that you are more capable of doing.

Once this event Is on I think It will Inspire me to become a better athlete, when I grow-up. Thanks to Tyler Janssen for reworking my writing and making it good.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Glow In The Dark Golf!!

I have chosen to write about glow in the dark mini golf, where I went with my auntie in the school holidays. It is located in Takapuna right over the harbour bridge, and doesn’t take long to get there at all .

My favourite hole was hole 14, because it was very challenging. You had to hit it up the ramp and roll back down. I was getting really annoyed, but then, not long after, I hit it hard making it rebound off the wall and straight into the hole. I screamed, “HOORAY!”because I was so happy to get my first hole in 1.

I really hope I get this opportunity again and maybe I’ll get lots more in. Hmm, maybe I should go and practice if I really want to get good at this.

Olympic Writing

This terms topic is about the olympics, and I have chosen to write about this because, I really like to play and watch sports.
Do you like playing any sort of sport?
I love to play netball and rugby (league).

The symbol of the Olympic events is composed of five connecting rings  colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white background. The colors of the rings represent the flags of the five continents that participate in the Olympics. Known as Africa,
Asia, Oceania, Europe and both North and South America.

In the last four year, these are some champions

Usain Bolt- The current fastest man in the World.
Galina Chistyakova- The lady who holds the best score of long jump.
Randy Barnes- The male who holds the record of shot put.
Natalya Lisovskaya- The female who also hold the top score of shot put.

Watching the olympic games will hopefully inspired me to achieve my goal. I have selected running, I would like to get faster and better than I am now, to reach my goal I will practice and practice.

I would like to say thank-you to Tyler Janssen for reworking and helping me to make it sound better

Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Technology!

This term the year 7&8’s have technology. I am in cooking, we have cooked so many yummy stuff and I really love it in there because I get to eat not only when Its morning tea time but in the morning too.

Making food with Ms Heka is fun we make desserts foods and we maybe able to make smoothies to. So far all I remember making Is The:
chocolate chunky Biscuits
dutch apple pie
hotcakes and the shrewsbury biscuits.

I love to eat, thats all I do eat, eat, eat like a big big pig, na just kidding but just as I said before I do love to eat. I especially like eating the hotcakes with caramel sauce and chocolate.

Every single time I walk back to school I eat the rest of my food, (If i haven't already eaten  it) I run like the wind into the warm class because I get so cold I can’t even feel my toes.

I really hope I get to do this again.
This story will be followed by another in Term 3, but for now bye bye.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Novel Study!!!

This term, our group has had the opportunity to read a novel known a
s”THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT”, written by James Patterson. This is the first time I’ve been asked to read a novel,  since I’ve been at Pt England School.

Having the chance to read this with classmates is very helpful because, as soon as you are unable to understand one word they help you asap.
Reading this in our groups has been fun. Learning together is what I like to do, especially with my friends.

I hope we get to do this again. I really did have fun reading, so if you would like to read this novel go online and look it up to read or you could go ahead to the shop and buy one.

Id like to say Thank-you to Eleva for editing my work with me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Favourite Place!!!

This week room 18 had to do a piece of writing about our favorite place. We have recently just started and have nearly finished.

I have chosen the Pt England reserve as my favorite place because I love going there with my cousins. I don’t go there often, but when do  we play games involving water, we bomb off the rocks and we have the biggest feeds especially when we are all together.

I love coming here to play because we all have heaps of fun.
This place is very special to me because we are always happy when we are there, I really want to visit other beaches to make more memories.

Special thanks to Tyler Janssen for going over and over just to make my writing sound perfect.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is a photo of some friends, I want to write this to show people how friends can be important. Friends can help you when your sad, hurt, worried, and well also having a bad day. Like my friends here, they are important to me because they help me in every way, they look after me, they share with me, to me they are most likely part of  my family too.
So if you have friends tell them how much they mean to you and that they are apart of your family too.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Maximum ride the angel experiment by James Patterson!!

I’ve just been assigned a novel to read! First time ever! I am completely hooked and we have  only just begun this study. James Patterson is the author of many series maybe just looking at the title page hooks you in, but NO you should never judge a book by it’s cover. The prologue is such a good bit to read which get you in progress with the story, you will never know how good the book is until you read it. Beginning this book we read on until the end of chapter 3. The only bits of the story I remember is Max running away from all of the blood sucking animals and the erasers (killers) and here’s me getting worried. Then Max comes to a cliff and takes a gulp and thinks does she wanna be eaten by animals, killed by erasers,or would she rather jump.........So she jumps and spreads her arms nek minnit she’s flying.That’s about it, till furthermore keep in touch to hear more about it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painting ART ALIVE!!!

This is my piece of art that I made for our topic this term, ART ALIVE. This painting is based on the artistic style of Oscar Claude Monet. One of his techniques was to blend colours across his paintings, beginning with the lightest and ending with the darkest.
I selected one colour and added a bit of white to make my first shade, then for my second shade I added more colour to the white which gave me a slightly darker tint.
The final hue that I used for blending was the original colour of the paint.
The thing that I really enjoyed about creating my piece of art, was getting dirty with paint.
I enjoyed doing this project and have since become a fan of  Oscar Claude Monet’s art.

Monday, April 2, 2012


As most of you know Wednesday is the last day of school for Pt England, most of us are happy because we get 2 weeks of holiday. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but for us it is, because every single weekday we have school but every single weekend we have a break so that's 5 days of school every week until well you know.

As weird as this sound I really don't want to finish school because I won't be able to see all me friend until after 2 week :-(.

I feel like staying at this school forever and I never want to leave but unfortunately I have to move on If I had 1 wish I'd wish nobody would ever grow up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Math Whizz!!!

Hi as all of you know I’m Tyla and today I am going to write about math whizz it is a site that is very helpful to me because it helps me learn more things and now I know more than I did before. Here is a link // for you and if you don’t have an account and you are interested in it all you have to do is sign up.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Am I???

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei. Greetings to you all!

Hi, my name is Tyla and I was born In Auckland, New Zealand at the National Women's hospital. 

I have three siblings...ALL BROTHERS!
They are Jordon, Jaylin-mac and Dylan, my step-brother.

I currently Live with my Father, George and my Mother, Melissa. I am half Maori and quarter Nuiean and enjoy swimming any time I get the opportunity.

At school we are learning about Mihimihi's and this is the biggest reason that I have started to collect information about my family. As I learn more about them, you can expect to read more about it here on my blog. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 17, 2012

All About Me!!!

Hi My name is Tyla Baker and I am In year 8 at Pt England school. I have a lot of hobbies I like to do and 1 of them is I love to play sport, I really like playing with my friends as well. I have 3 brother my eldest is 19 and my 2 eldest is 17 turning 18and lastly my youngest is 16. My favorite color's are green yellow and blue.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our School Haka!!

E nga maramara o te kura Etu 
He taua 
He taua
Kei aku hoa pumau
E whakaeke mai ra, Ki te mura o te ahi
Ki ti taumata tiketike
Nei ra te apakura e mihi matakuikui
Ki nga rau kura a Ruapotaka
Tu mai Tu mai ra
Te pae tawhiti
Kia tata kia mai whakamaua kia tina
Haumi e, Hui e, Taiki e.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holiday up North!!

Packing my bag during the day getting ready to go far up North, I was jumping with excitement ready to see my family.

As we got there I raced out of the car running towards the house seeing everybody inside.
"Why is it so quite in here"
"Because its hot"

Seeing my little cousin all grown up was surprising for me. The last time I saw him was when he was about 1he is around 3 years old now i think.

We took the little kids to the warehouse to find a toy to take to the beach. As we left to go to the beach I found a rubber ducky for my little cousin an my mum gt it for him, we left as we were there my brother an dad went to try find some kina's but it was to far so they turned around and came back.

That's how my holiay up North was amazing.