Friday, June 24, 2011

On one Sunny morning the Pt England Seniors went down the road to watch a Roadshow about Science, the enclosed cost was 7 dollars. At first I thought it was a Ripoff..... but then as we got down there and started learning about how science works in my head I would always say, “ wow it was really worth it just like everyone said”. Three of my favorite activity's were, ” The ref-election of the skeleton in the mirror” because it ref-elects off the mirror and on to the chair it makes it look a little bit like a granny in a rocking chair. My other one was the one where you had to rub your hands together very very hard until your hands got very hot then, put them under the bulb, and watch it rise to the top, it looked a bit like a weight. My last one was where you could sit on the chair and pull the chain to make yourself go up! One thing that amazed me at first was the zink that would melt so easily and would burn a hole right through it. Some of the thing’s that I didn’t really like at the roadshow is that the instructors talk way to long. One thing I did like was that you could try win yourself a prize by getting a card, it should tell you where you need to go to and try figure out how they work to get a hole punched in to your card. When they call you back you write your name and put it in a LUNCH BOX. The instructors will say OK we will call out a couple of names to win themselves a prize, it was a pair of 3D glasses and a 3D picture. The winners were Athena and Tia, at first when one of the instructors said Tia I thought it was me because he said is it Tya then he said or is it Tia and then everyone said Tia.
So the winner went up to get their prize, after a Restless day of walking there and back from the roadshow we got back to school and it was home time, as i got home I jumped in my bed and drifted quietly off to sleep.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Scariest But Funny Nightmare

My Scariest But Funny Nightmare I had this Nightmare when I slept over at Selina’s house. I will tell you what It was about, me and Selina had just finished watching a scary movie, straight after the movie Selina said “I am so tired” in a reply “I said right back at ya” should we go to sleep” “yeah I think so”. As I drifted off to sleep I was suddenly dreaming about a wonderful thing then out of no where came a nightmare, I carried on sleeping to watch the rest.
It was about the man wearing black, along with his face painted black as well. The thing is while me and Selina were doing the dishes in my nightmare we saw a light flashing out on the window the brightest light shone right on our face’s.
we stared out side trying to see who it was, but we couldn't. So we stared around the house trying to think who was out there we found a torch and went out side as soon as we shone the light on him he ran into a pile of long grass and put a bogey board over his body to hide himself. But then..............
I pick up the bogey board knowing he was under there and I tried to whack him with it and told him to get lost. So he ran, and then me and Selina carried on doing the dishes! Soon after he came back. So we picked the torch up again ran out side and this time it was Selina who tried to hit him but he knew it was coming and he grabbed the bogey board and chucked it away. After he chucked the board away he said if you tell anyone I was here I will come back for you then we both screamed after a short amount of time, 7 seconds after Selina’s auntie came out and saw the man. She had seen him before in her child hood, she fainted and fell down the steps. Not long after Selina screamed out loud “MUM” Help us auntie died (she didn't really though Selina just thought she did)
Selina’s mum came out and said what. Selina said “look auntie’s dead” in a reply her mum said” No she’s not you dork” Selina said Oh so that’s she was still moving. I hoped you liked my story stay tuned to see more blog post of mine.