Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The story behind the Argentinian

If you are wondering and wondering trying to figure out what the story behind the Argentinian flag, today could be the day you find out. The flag of Argentina has three horizontal stripes of sky blue, white and sky blue. On the white stripe is a sun with 32 wavy and straight alternating rays. There are two different theories about the meaning of the colors and symbol of the flag. One says that the blue represents the Rio de la Plata (river of silver) which is the widest river in the world and the white represents the metal silver. The word Argentina comes from the Latin “argutum”, that means silver. The early conquerors and explorers believed the river banks hid deposits of silver, hence the name. The other theory is that the colors of the Argentine flag stand for the Bourbon Dynasty of Spain, since Spain colonized Argentina in 1516. It took 300 years for Argentina to gain independence which came in 1816. And now you know what the story behind the Argentinian flag.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Badminton, Badminton, Badminton!!!
How boring do you think it sounds, well I bet it sounds really boring.
Yeah well I bet once you give it a chance you will love it.
Before I started playing I thought it was going to be boring, but then like I said before I gave it a chance, and It was quite fun.
What are some things that I liked and disliked you might ask. Well thing that I didn't like is when you had to keep stopping to listen to the instructor and stop playing. One thing I did like was having the experience to learn some new skills. Oh and guess what it turns out that our instructor plays on T.V.
I mean WOW how cool is that.
OMG I did it, I actually did it. I was screaming in my head, then all of a sudden “BRRRRRRRRRRING” OH man I was thinking, not wanting to go I did a big sigh. OK so have you ever heard what some of the skills called, here are 3 of them
backhand, forehand, and a trick shots. The way she did it was amazing she did one where you chuck it up and hit it under your legs, and another one where she did a backside hit (well that’s what I call it anyways).
Oh no I heard some one say, out of no where I said Oh yesssss. Where playing our game now, O my head I would say oh “OK focus Tyla Focus You can do this” I only said it because I was a bit nervous, OK maybe a little bit more, Fine you got me I was a lot more nervous.
picking out demonstrators was our instructors one, two, three, and one more you.
She pointed at me “Haaa me na” come on she kept saying till I got up I sighed again.
I got to the court and a little tap is what I heard I turned and wallah I tried to hit it but I missed. I started laughing tap I heard it again I turned and moved it hit the ground. Now see if it hits the ground you are also out ok do you get the instruction now in reply we said”YES” alright off you go then” line by line person by person another and another.
By jolly there was alot of noise by alot I mean screaming and that stuff, It was so x3 noise. Wow what an experience that was and I really hope that we can do this again especially doing another sport. In the end I said to myself WATTA DAY and blew my head from sweat.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Typing tutor award!!!

Here is another one. Have you tried it if you have did you get a certificate I hope you did comment me back to tell me!!!

I'll be waiting

Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Certificate!!!

Here is a new Certificate I have just earned it is a shift Key one and it is quite hard but you should be able to do it!!!
Keep in touch to find out more about typing tutor

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi as all of you know I’m Tyla and welcome to my story all about me, today I will be telling you some detail about myself.
I am a year 7 at Pt England
I am 11 years old
I have 3 elder brothers and no sisters
I have no pets
I have been on a plane
I am not afraid spiders
as everyone knows I’ve got a big mouth
I have about 10 best friend
I am the only one in my class who has the same initials as my teacher and it is TB

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Amazing Finish To The End

Well as some of you know in the past few days it didn’t go great for me, because I just went for the longest run, probably of my past years in school.

Stepping up to the start line, I felt butterflies in my stomach I heard a loud “BANG” I quickly ran, coming fourth. Then I HUFFED and PUFFED and slowed down to a stop, taking a huge breath and I started running again. I got to Mr J and saw Mr Harris, I ran till I got to him then stopped once more. walking then running then walking then running one after another is what I did.

As soon as I got back to the school grounds everyone was cheering saying go Tyla go, then they screamed out “LETS GO TAINUI” I ran to the end with a massive smile on my face. I felt so proud of my myself for running all that way just to get to the end.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Typing Certificate!

Hi there this is my first posting of my typing certificate. Here is a link to take you to the typing game and this is where you can achieve your goal and to learn how to type fast.
It might be a bit tough but you will get through it. OOHHH I nearly forgot to tell you but there are different lessons you can do. There is F and J, and all the other home keys.
Check Spelling

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Goal Achievement

Have you ever wonder what it would feel like to achieve a goal!
well since last term I’ve been wondering what goal I am going to achieve, and I have chosen writing. Now that my goal is to improve my writing I need work on it.

How I’m going to improve my writing is to practise at home or in my own time. Like how people always say practise make perfect. I have to achieve my writing because I’m writing at a year 4&5 level “not what I’m expecting” I’m expecting to be at least at a year 6&7 standard. That’s how I’m going to improve.

This term I hope I can move up to the year I’m suppose to be at. I really really want to achieve my goal and I hope I do.