Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Xtra Maths!!

To me Xtra maths is very, very helpful, because I get the chance to get to a higher standard in my maths. I prefer multiplication than the rest I like multiplication  because, it was very challenging to remember it all, but I eventually got there and now I know what 9x8= 72 that took me quite a long time to remember but hey, I got there.

I think this helps you and me, because when you start in Xtramath it gives you 100 questions to answer, starting off at addition to complete your three seconds you must answer before it has been three seconds. As you get better you move on to subtraction same goes for that. Then multiplication, then division. I’ve made it to 1.5 seconds addition soonly gonna start subtraction, I got to this by remembering them and have done a good job of it.

I feel like I need a bit more practise on my maths, it seems like I’m not getting the hang of  1.5 seconds addition.  As you are reading, I am going to need a lot more practice on getting my addition done. In order to do that I want to get my memory working hard and memorize them. Wish me luck.

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