Friday, December 14, 2012

Year 8 Camp!

How many countless hours it took us to reach our destination. We have recently just finish our year 8 camp at Ngaruawahia Christian Youth Camp. This was for 4 days and three nights, it was our last camp before we went to college so I made the most of it.

Slippery slimy sticky mud was stuck at the bottom of my shoe, which made me slip alot. This all happened on our first activity, we walk as long as 2-3 hour.sweaty like a roasted pig, I was happy to hear that after our hike we were going for a swim, I was hot at the time but as soon as we jumped in we were as frozen at the north pole.

This story is still to be finished to keep in touch and listen for more of our year 8 camp.

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