Monday, October 15, 2012

Thoughts about this term!

To start of term 4, I am going to write about our term topic. I actually have the opportunity to learn about other people and their life back when they were young, and how they may have had  a favourite toy or something they enjoyed playing with.

Sadly I don’t remember having a toy when I was young, which has left me with nothing to remember my young ages only of course pictures not much but still something. I have never had a favourite toy, all toys are my favourite I have only ever had this one toy I’ll never forget and that was my only singing doll. when I was young I got this doll for my 3rd birthday, that is all I remember. I’m not a child anymore but I do still play with toys. :)

To close of my post I will try show you a similar picture to my singing doll. I got this picture from
a singing barbie doll

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