Monday, November 5, 2012


It all began on the 31st of October this day had always been a dark cold and cloudy, why you might ask? because it was HALLOWEEN.... On this day two friends named Lily-Anna and Lily had decided to go trick or treating, they both dressed up as witches and were ready to go. The first place they went was SPOOKERS. Of course It was only to get them freaked out. The first street they went down was called Redwood Terrace. Nobody ever went down there unless they were fearless and have courage and determination.

They went up this one drive, out of nowhere men came from behind a place you could never imagine...
Screaming at the top of their lung, no one was heard they thought to themselves “could this be the end”! They put up a fight, Lily-anna and Lily both commanded “If we’re going down you're coming with us”.

The men chuckled and set them free, the girls thought they were serious. These men all said “It was just a serious prank, we were never really gonna hurt you". You girls were brave to stand up for each other, and for that here’s a bag of lollies each
the girls said “WOW thanks”
“Enjoy” they replied
“Bye girls”

And that was the end of our story said Lily to her mum.

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