Friday, August 31, 2012

A Maori Manaia!!

Who knows what a manaia is?
A manaia is a white necklace made out of dolphin bone it is the style of a birds head and a humans form.
From what I heard the name Manaia mean guardian, provider, bird, beautiful and kind.

These previous pictures is from google, I searched them up and found that they looked Interesting so I made it into a collage called “My Manaia masterpiece”

Before you wear a Manaia you must get it blessed, for you or the person you might be getting it for. It is a good present for christmas or a birthday party, It is good either way.

Having a manaia to you might be nothing, but to other people it is a privilege. Because to me a manaia represents yourself and your family especially to other important people. You might think a manaia is a stupid old necklace but really it has all sorts of awesome carving on it looks really cool..

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