Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympics sport

Well to start of this week, I am going to do a piece of writing about one Olympic sport event, known as Trampolining these competitors all jump, handspring, spin and bounce on the trampoline. I am not familiar with this sport but, I know it is significant, which is why I have chosen to write about it.

I think Trampolining first became an Olympic sport in the 2000 summer olympic games in Sydney Australia.
All I known about this is a total of 36 athletes will be competing in North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Trampolining event. From what I've heard and seen both female and male are able to participate in this event.

I’ve learnt that when you practice and practice, in the future you will go on and be able to do things that you are more capable of doing.

Once this event Is on I think It will Inspire me to become a better athlete, when I grow-up. Thanks to Tyler Janssen for reworking my writing and making it good.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Glow In The Dark Golf!!

I have chosen to write about glow in the dark mini golf, where I went with my auntie in the school holidays. It is located in Takapuna right over the harbour bridge, and doesn’t take long to get there at all .

My favourite hole was hole 14, because it was very challenging. You had to hit it up the ramp and roll back down. I was getting really annoyed, but then, not long after, I hit it hard making it rebound off the wall and straight into the hole. I screamed, “HOORAY!”because I was so happy to get my first hole in 1.

I really hope I get this opportunity again and maybe I’ll get lots more in. Hmm, maybe I should go and practice if I really want to get good at this.

Olympic Writing

This terms topic is about the olympics, and I have chosen to write about this because, I really like to play and watch sports.
Do you like playing any sort of sport?
I love to play netball and rugby (league).

The symbol of the Olympic events is composed of five connecting rings  colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white background. The colors of the rings represent the flags of the five continents that participate in the Olympics. Known as Africa,
Asia, Oceania, Europe and both North and South America.

In the last four year, these are some champions

Usain Bolt- The current fastest man in the World.
Galina Chistyakova- The lady who holds the best score of long jump.
Randy Barnes- The male who holds the record of shot put.
Natalya Lisovskaya- The female who also hold the top score of shot put.

Watching the olympic games will hopefully inspired me to achieve my goal. I have selected running, I would like to get faster and better than I am now, to reach my goal I will practice and practice.

I would like to say thank-you to Tyler Janssen for reworking and helping me to make it sound better