Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympics sport

Well to start of this week, I am going to do a piece of writing about one Olympic sport event, known as Trampolining these competitors all jump, handspring, spin and bounce on the trampoline. I am not familiar with this sport but, I know it is significant, which is why I have chosen to write about it.

I think Trampolining first became an Olympic sport in the 2000 summer olympic games in Sydney Australia.
All I known about this is a total of 36 athletes will be competing in North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Trampolining event. From what I've heard and seen both female and male are able to participate in this event.

I’ve learnt that when you practice and practice, in the future you will go on and be able to do things that you are more capable of doing.

Once this event Is on I think It will Inspire me to become a better athlete, when I grow-up. Thanks to Tyler Janssen for reworking my writing and making it good.

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