Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The social all lit up!

As of Thursday the 13th there was a school social. At first I was like yaaaaay! but then when I got there I was like “hmmm” this wasn’t what I had planned it to be like. There wasn’t much people there only about 50-80 children there Including the teachers, other than that I was fun and boring at the same time.
I was stressing over what to wear, then I realized it’s just a social why am I stressing I’ll just wear casual clothes. LET’S GO!!

I was having a blast with the music and all the food and all the people dancing. It was a fun time UNTIL......... It felt like I had split my jeans, how disappointing  is that. I got up to dance but then suddenly I never felt in the need to dance so I sat on the stage and watched everyone have fun for a bit then I got back down and ran around.

I’m having fun running around but I want to have more fun. I jump into everyones photos and run. Posing and running then posing then running, don’t you think that is alot of running. Its really not cause the hall was really small. LOL :) :)

The most exciting at the social was the dougie battle It was funny. I was too afraid to jump in the middle unfortunately a boy won instead of a girl. I hope we do get to do this again before the end of the year. This would have probably been the next best social I’ve been to maybe not but still was very cool.

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