Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Technology!

This term the year 7&8’s have technology. I am in cooking, we have cooked so many yummy stuff and I really love it in there because I get to eat not only when Its morning tea time but in the morning too.

Making food with Ms Heka is fun we make desserts foods and we maybe able to make smoothies to. So far all I remember making Is The:
chocolate chunky Biscuits
dutch apple pie
hotcakes and the shrewsbury biscuits.

I love to eat, thats all I do eat, eat, eat like a big big pig, na just kidding but just as I said before I do love to eat. I especially like eating the hotcakes with caramel sauce and chocolate.

Every single time I walk back to school I eat the rest of my food, (If i haven't already eaten  it) I run like the wind into the warm class because I get so cold I can’t even feel my toes.

I really hope I get to do this again.
This story will be followed by another in Term 3, but for now bye bye.

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