Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The social all lit up!

As of Thursday the 13th there was a school social. At first I was like yaaaaay! but then when I got there I was like “hmmm” this wasn’t what I had planned it to be like. There wasn’t much people there only about 50-80 children there Including the teachers, other than that I was fun and boring at the same time.
I was stressing over what to wear, then I realized it’s just a social why am I stressing I’ll just wear casual clothes. LET’S GO!!

I was having a blast with the music and all the food and all the people dancing. It was a fun time UNTIL......... It felt like I had split my jeans, how disappointing  is that. I got up to dance but then suddenly I never felt in the need to dance so I sat on the stage and watched everyone have fun for a bit then I got back down and ran around.

I’m having fun running around but I want to have more fun. I jump into everyones photos and run. Posing and running then posing then running, don’t you think that is alot of running. Its really not cause the hall was really small. LOL :) :)

The most exciting at the social was the dougie battle It was funny. I was too afraid to jump in the middle unfortunately a boy won instead of a girl. I hope we do get to do this again before the end of the year. This would have probably been the next best social I’ve been to maybe not but still was very cool.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Favorite sport!!

This week I have recently just chosen to write about sports. These 7 teams listed are the in NRL:

Melbourne STORM
Brisbane BRONCOS
Gold Coast TITANS
Parramatta EELS

These are the team that have Inspired me to LOVE.. league.

I have 4 most favourite teams ever..... Which are Melbourne STORM Brisbane BRONCOS Vodafone WARRIORS and West TIGERS. I have admired these teams for a very long time I have seen most of them in real life Just not Melbourne STORM, and the West TIGERS, but I really hope I get to see them.

I also have 2 least favourite teams. I have nothing against them It is just that I don’t know much about them. Which are Canberra RAIDERS and the South Sydney RABBITOHS. I am going to try learn  alot about these 2 In Particular teams, and by the end of this year I would like to know alot of facts about them.

What Sports do you play? I’ve play alot of sports, like Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Tag, Touch and Rippa rugby as well. I would like the experience to learn about other sports.
It feels great to be a sporty person and not a person who just sits down and reads ( even though I do love to read). I hope I do remember to write about this again, thats if I remember.

Edited By Cael

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Cousins Celebration Party!!!

As I walk inside with my little cousin Jeremiah, I saw people in the backyard and children on the trampoline.
I asked “ what’s happening here”
In a shocking reply by them all “Its Jeremiah's and Josiah’s Birthday party”
Mele said “did you forget already”
I replied “NO.... ok maybe I did, but thats not so bad is it”
Mele said “ no, come on before they start without us”
I shouted “ Coming”.

As I start by eating then playing then eating again woah it was like the food was calling me wherever I went. I was so glad I got there on time, especially before they started eating. I would have been the unluckiest girl there, if I hadn’t made it there on time. Well anyway the theme for this party was to come dressed as your favourite team or team colours. I went dressed as a broncos supporter wearing the jersey and all.

I saw these amazing NRL balloons floating upwards I wondered....... don’t normal balloons hang down and float on the ground.
My aunty said “NO those are helium balloons, it's the ones that you breath in and they make your voice go all funny”. You probably shouldn’t have told me that because now I’m going to do it. I tried it by saying “hello”. It sounded a little high pitched and didn’t sound like me at all.

To close off the party we went to Waiwera the next day, the wind was chilly but the water was warm. I hope we get to do something fun like this for my cousin Mele’s birthday in a few weeks time.