Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blessed land!

All I am going to do, is going to tell you a short short story about the land getting blessed by a maori man called hemi . 
Not so long ago, I left with a couple of other students from Pt England to go to the paddock outside of the school. 
We watched a very special man bless the land. It was because of the incident that had happen about the man that had a crises and passed away they are not to sure what happen but they are still trying to figure it out, we went to the paddock went through the paddock walked around the droppings (feces) and to the wall and  listen in a respectful way, straight away I knew it would now be comfortable as it was before it had happened. 
So all the raruraru (gossip) that might go around the school can now be told it is not true, because! to prove its not true I was right there when the land was blessed and I heard everything that was said so I think I should know. LOLS :).


Manaiakalani said...

Nicely said Tyla. Well done for putting this important message out there.

Mrs Burt

Manaiakalani said...
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