Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day at Tamaki College

On Friday we had been invited to the Tamaki gym when Mr Borland took us for games. Mr Borland played a game but I don't know what it is called, we had to try get the hole class across the gym with long benches.
We had to start again five times Mr Borland said he would give us some advice he said that he would choose some one to lead us through and we had to be super silent.
After we had finished we played octopus but we played it a different way, every time that you get tagged you had to sit down and tag other people on your bottom, but we could still move around.
On the first round I was one of the last to get tagged. Then Mr Borland said that we had enough time to have one more round on that round I was really lucky because I was one of the people who came first.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Term's Topic-Active Earth

This term we are learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
I know that the molten rock in the earth is magma, and when comes out of the volcano it is lava. The colour of the lava is like a really orangey colour because it is so hot. It looks like fire.
I read about the plates as well. They are big pieces of ground that move. When they move it can cause an earthquake, sometimes this causes a tsunami.