Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Favorite sport!!

This week I have recently just chosen to write about sports. These 7 teams listed are the in NRL:

Melbourne STORM
Brisbane BRONCOS
Gold Coast TITANS
Parramatta EELS

These are the team that have Inspired me to LOVE.. league.

I have 4 most favourite teams ever..... Which are Melbourne STORM Brisbane BRONCOS Vodafone WARRIORS and West TIGERS. I have admired these teams for a very long time I have seen most of them in real life Just not Melbourne STORM, and the West TIGERS, but I really hope I get to see them.

I also have 2 least favourite teams. I have nothing against them It is just that I don’t know much about them. Which are Canberra RAIDERS and the South Sydney RABBITOHS. I am going to try learn  alot about these 2 In Particular teams, and by the end of this year I would like to know alot of facts about them.

What Sports do you play? I’ve play alot of sports, like Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Tag, Touch and Rippa rugby as well. I would like the experience to learn about other sports.
It feels great to be a sporty person and not a person who just sits down and reads ( even though I do love to read). I hope I do remember to write about this again, thats if I remember.

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