Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tags Out!

As the bus got to our location, Jumped off and left to the fields we were off the first round. All rounds were 10 minutes long. Pt england had three teams there. The hooter went our field number 5 Pt England vs Mansell 4 the hooter went again I stepped up to the halfway line shaking like an earthquake you got it I was as nervous as can be.
The whistle blew it was our ball to start with our captain tapped the ball and ran. Wack Wack two people was stepped passed it to the winger and the whistle blew again “TRY”
“First seconds into the game and we already scored”
“Run it back Pt England” said the ref
Touch was called, we had 30 seconds left into the game c’mon Pt England said our captain. Suddenly one of the boy from the team off loaded and again the whistle blew “TRY” The whistle blew over and over to tell us the game was over. 8-0 to Pt England they ran off and under the gazebo MUNCH MUNCH all starving like a bear almost like it hadn’t eaten since I don’t know forever.

Playing the second game winning 3-2, third game was up after 10 minutes. Pt England played a green team It was a tough game and in the end they had beaten them by 1 try. The overall score was 2-1 to them.

The host of tags out said Pt England team 1 had made it into the finals, playing a even better team, Pt England ended up losing in the final. The team captain scored in the last 10 second the score was 3-1.

In the Pt England was proud at least they placed 2nd Prizes were given. Overall Pt England thought the day was AWESOME.

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