Friday, May 6, 2011

Wood Tech

Wondering what my new technology experience would be like, I was not only beginning a new tech class, but also a new term. My break was officially over, and I was into my first day back at school. My talented teacher for wood work is Mr Grundy. He can make so many cool things, such as trains, plane’s, trucks, and he can even make them for dolls. Mr Grundy gave us a folder to work in. We followed the dotted lines in the book, ending up with the same things but in a different way. Mr Grundy was showing us how to use a saw, I said," what is that black thing at the end?" He said, "It is a thing that stops it from chopping your toes off if your holding it the wrong way." “OH” After a while, Mr Grundy showed us his sledge hammer he made. It was pretty impressive! He also showed us a sharp thing called a chisel which is so sharp, that if you slide it across a piece of paper it can slice it in half, depending on which way you hold it. You hold the handle and bang it with your other hand. Hope you liked my writing, look out for some more new posts!

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Sylvia said...

Hi Tyla,

NICE WORK! I really like your story about wood works and the feeling you felt when you found out that was your new class for tech. I thought you might need a little more working on some punctuation. You are very good at writing and your thinking is just brilliant. I am really looking forward to your next piece of writing.

From Sylvia