Thursday, November 3, 2011

Matakana Fair

Going up North was a long trip, It was so long I fell asleep half way there.

As I woke up 2 hours later, I was ready to eat. I yawned loud giving my mum a huge fright “WOW” she said “don’t scare me again I might crash,”
“ok” I replied in a sigh I said hungrily.
“Wait“ she said and we pulled up into the McDonald's drive thru
“ may i please take your order” I heard “ yes” replied my mum .
“What do you want,” inquired mum
“ a double cheese burger combo please”,
“with what drink?” she said
i replied with a answer saying “coke please”
‘’ok Coke coming right up”
We drove to the window, my order came through
“thank-you “said my mum.
We drove the rest of the way to my aunties house, it was about half and hour away. We got there finally i went to the back for some fresh air and there she was, she whispered in my ear “guess what”
“what” i said.
She knew I loved going to the Matakana and she said “It’s tomorrow “
“ what’s tomorrow?”
“you know the fair”
“Yay” i screamed louder and louder (with excitement) “Woohhoo”

As The day came I woke up early waiting for every one else to wake up . Every one was getting ready but me, my auntie says to me “watta eager beaver”
“hahahahahahaha” I laughed.
“I want this and I want that,” I said to my mum and my mum said “ OH TYLA YOU JUST WANT EVERY THING DON’T YOU” and I said “pretty much” (my mum laughed and so did I.)

On the way home from the Matakana Fair with the back of the car fulled with stuff we got from the fair my mum said “WOW it looks like we spent a lot of money” and i said
“but we didn't” my dad laughed and said” we only spent $50 dollars”
“that’s still quite alot” said my mum
“not really”
Not wanting to go home, I sat watching out the window as my auntie and her family slowly disappeared.
Screaming out loud i heard “BYE"

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