Monday, August 15, 2011

My Amazing Finish To The End

Well as some of you know in the past few days it didn’t go great for me, because I just went for the longest run, probably of my past years in school.

Stepping up to the start line, I felt butterflies in my stomach I heard a loud “BANG” I quickly ran, coming fourth. Then I HUFFED and PUFFED and slowed down to a stop, taking a huge breath and I started running again. I got to Mr J and saw Mr Harris, I ran till I got to him then stopped once more. walking then running then walking then running one after another is what I did.

As soon as I got back to the school grounds everyone was cheering saying go Tyla go, then they screamed out “LETS GO TAINUI” I ran to the end with a massive smile on my face. I felt so proud of my myself for running all that way just to get to the end.

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Mary L said...

Hi Tyla,
I want to say your story has really good vocab and I really like it how your telling the audience like me how you felt when you were running. Keep up the fab stories you write.