Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Net-book Reflection!!!

This is my reflection about my Net-book. I am doing this based on why I like working on my Net-book and why I don't like working on my Net-book

The Year of the Net-book ( make up your own title for your reflections about using a Net-book this year)

Make notes in this table of all the pros and cons of having a Net-book.
The things I liked about having my Net-bookThe things I did not like about having my Net-book or the problems I had during the it’s made it much easier to …learn on the net-books because instead of getting up to use the dictionary I could just make a new tab and look the word up. It is easier to work on it because I can post to my blog faster than waiting for the multimedia stationMy dislike about having Net-book is that some times the Internet works slow, and another thing about having our Net-books is that we don’t always get to play game but I rather learn than play.

The thing that I like about having my Net-book is that we get to take it home and that when we go home most of us can get the Internet from home.

Now use your notes to create a paragraph about the good things (there are a few sentence starters to help you if you need them).

This year I have really _______________Enjoyed_________ having a Net-book to work on because …

Another thing ….
There are many reasons why ….
Furthermore having a Net-book has meant that ….
Most definitely the best thing …..

This year I have really enjoyed having my Net-book because I like to look up word and keep them in my head and I like to look up the word because I could try memorise the definition.
Having a Net-book is really really fun because I can play games at home and I can get the Internet at home which is even better but having the opportunity to have a Net-book to work on is amazing and I never thought that all the time I wouldn't get A laptop till I was about 18 year old but then again here I am now working on a Net-book.

Now use your notes to create a paragraph about the things you didn’t like or the issues you encountered or came across.
The thing I haven’t liked about having a Net-book is that I hate it when the Internet gets to slow then I have to wait for about a minute just to get back on the Internet.5
Net-book writing is much easier than writing with pencil and paper because I would clearly like to work on a Net-book because I like to play typing games as well.

As much as I have loved having a Net-book there are some things that I haven’t liked.....
I haven’t liked some things about it because I when I go on stuff like google docs it sometimes says google docs error please refresh your page and as I refresh it, it take about a minute for it to load again.

What are some of the biggest differences in your learning using a Net-book the advantages for your learning (you may have covered some of these already in your likes).
The biggest difference I think about having a Net-book is easier to have a learning mind set to what you need to do even though I wonder out of my work I do eventually get back to it.

What has been the biggest challenge to you in terms of managing yourself and your learning using a Netbook? Have you been in the ‘right place and space’ ? Have you been Cyber Smart?
I have no idea if I have been in the right place and space at the right time? I am not sure that I have been Cyber smart either.

The hardest thing …The greatest challenge for me …
From time to time ... I do get to learn but then I wonder away from my work and I get distracted by other people.
Most of the time ...

What if it was decided that the Netbook Pilot Scheme was a failure and you had to go back to pen and paper?

I think … it would be absolutely stink and I probably would cry if I herd we had Netbook’s and we didn’t even get it
It would be …
If the Netbook Scheme failed and …

When you have finished delete all the red text.

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