Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cool Kiwis

Would you call a Kiwi beautiful? I know I wouldn’t. Its plumage is dark and dull and stiff like dog hair. The Kiwi feathers is not like other birds. The most ridiculous thing about it is it’s bill, it can grow up to 20cm long.

Did you know Kiwi’s are fast? They have really strong, powerful leg, that can out run a human. They use their legs to fight other predators like weasels, stoats, cats, rats, ferrets and also dogs.

Kiwis use their strong leg to dig up a burrow, which is used to lay their eggs in. Some times they build it in a log or under the roots of a big tree. Each of the burrows are about three metres long.

And there you have it how can you possibly resit a flightless,

ridiculous, wrinkled winged, chicken sized, burrow building species.

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