Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maratime Museum

On Thursday the 29th of July, room's 17 and 16 went on a trip to the Maritime Museum.
When we got there, the educator told us a couple of rules before we went inside. One of the groups went on the boat first, which was called the Ted Ashby, while the others went to see a movie about how the first Polynesians came to New Zealand.
Not long after that we went with a lady who told us how to tie two pieces of sticks together with a piece of string, it was in a shape of a square.
The last activity we went to was Salty Sam he took us on a tour around the museum we even got to take a picture in the boat that we saw.On the Ted Ashby we travelled under the harbour bridge we saw some people doind their work on the top.

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Chante said...

Hi Tyla that was a great story I think you can still add a bit more detail on this story. but although it was a short story it was a very good one to.

Keep up the great work. Chante